a one-night stand with consequences

brink man ship and nils petter molvær live at the jazz festival willisau 2009 on cd available

brinkmanship is the practice of pushing a dangerous situation to the verge of disaster in order to achieve the most advantageous outcome. the consequent continuation of tradition, disrupted and alienated through the stylistic devices of electronic music, is being wedded with the melancholic lyricism of the norwegian trumpet player nils petter molvær in a unique meeting at the willisau jazz festival of 2007. the outcome is now available on cd, a live recording from switzerland’s most cosmopolitan jazz festival in the hinterland of lucerne.

for jan galega brönnimann and brink man ship it is a tradition to break with tradition. yet the band persistently defies the tradition of breaking tradition. since one decade brink man ship plays on the history of jazz in reflexively transforming its legacies into the music of the 21stcentury.

jan galega and his band brink man ship venture into musical spheres between contemporary jazz influences and electronic rhythms. the result is a postmodern urban jazz sound with plenty of contrasts and touchy melodic lines. the music creates a tension of harmony and ruptures, reflecting the contradictions of modern life.

the live gigs and communication with their audience have always been a great source of inspiration for brink man ship. they are welcome quests at music clubs, jazz concert halls and festivals all around the world. brink man ship are based in switzerland and have captured audiences in their own country, in france, austria, germany, canada, norway, danemarc, finland, the czech republic, slovakia, the baltic states and jamaica.

"...contemporary music, full of allusions and new electronic dance music worlds, full of humour and vitality" that’s what neue zürcher zeitung wrote about the concert at schaffhausen jazzfestival 2000.