«A loud electrostorm that ends with a direct hit to the heart. A magnificent first class closing gig. Christoph Stuadenmann, Emanuel Schnyder, René Reimann, and Jan Galega Brönnimann (Bass Clarinet, EFX), responsible for never losing the thread, are crafting a different kind of contemporary jazz. Something that touches people right to the core with a new and modern view of the world. It goes right down, all the way to your toes and back up through your voice in and out of your ears and translates as Jazz, purely because it's played by jazz musicians on an extraordinarily high level.»
Schaffhauser Nachrichten, Alfred Wüger, 27. Mai 2013


«Brink Man Ship—featuring trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær and bass clarinetist Jan Galega Brönnimann was the second surprise of the festival; a group of young ambitious musicians who, by expertly combining direct sound with electronic processing, created an impetuous conglomerate defined as post modern urban jazz...dreamlike quality!»
All about Jazz, Adriana Carcu, August 2012

«The Swiss indeed manage to portrait this music and make it sound as contemporary as any other jazz »
Rolling Stone, Klaus Seckendorf, Juli 2012

«Brink Man Ship are on a par with the likes of Bugge Wesseltoft and Nils Petter Molvaer. Any friend of theirs will tell you.»
Rocktimes, Wolfgang Giese, Juli 2012

« Analytical, cool, mechanically sensitive jazz for lovers of 'Kraftwerk'.»
Gitarre und Bass, Juni 2012

«Creativity gleans from being on the road together. The fact that BrinkManShip are one of Switzerland's most longstanding acts is easily forgotten. When you hear the very relevant sound of their music it's especially impressive with the lead instrument being a bass clarinet.»
Jazzthing, Rolf Thomas, Juni 2012

«At the precipice, right on the edge where the height determines the very sound of the music and small bits of gravel and stones begin to chip away under your feet, that's where brinkmanship feel at home and revel in this musical challenge.»
Jazzthetik, Klaus Hübner, Juni 2012

«Brinkmanship have proven that 'instant replay' is absolutely convincing. It is music, as if written for the 21st century. Filled with ideas that have been crafted wtih love and such detail that project perfectly through loud speakers. Highly recommended!»
Musik an sich, April 2012

«Brinkmanship have established a highly intelligent sound in modern electronic music that provokes its very own genre yet touches on rock, jazz and soundscape. Their combinations of sounds and compositions borrow from other musical history but at the same time set a path for the future. A diverse mix of dark industrialized cityscapes that yet have come to pass.»
Musikreviews.de, Jochen König, April 2012

«high quality - also live!»
Drumhead, cr, April 2012



With the release of their 6th CD 'Instant Replay', Brink Man Ship have been catapulted headfirst into a familiar but freshly exciting downstream. The band have remained true to their sound and present their music with a boldness and an exciting new edge.

Jazz n' More, Ruth Kofmel, Mai 2011

A relishing audio trip!

NZZ, Markus Ganz, 19. April 2011

Masterpiece! Electronic music has rarely sounded this exciting. It's a rarity to witness such confidence in a Jazz sound full of new texture and noise.

Der Bund, Ane Hebeisen, 7. April 2011

With their 6th Cd release «Instant Replay» the band have found their inimitable musical unity.

Kulturagenda, David Loher, 6. April 2011

This he has managed without question - I have seldom wanted to hear music represented at a live concert as much as with this CD. 'Instant Replay' has this quality. It feels like a live gig with the precision and texture of a studio recording.

Ensuite, Ruth Kofmel, April 2011

'Instant Replay' boasts consistency and a courageous fat sound.

Kultur Tipp, Frank von Niederhäusern, April 2011

music of the highest level!

Bieler Tagblatt, Tobias Graden, April 2011

one of the most important european electronica jazz bands of it's time, performing at Montreal Jazz festival, in Helsinki, Jamaica or Paris.

Thuner Tagblatt, Michael Gurtner, April 2011

21st Century music. excellent (*****)

Cede.ch, Egischa März 2011



«Hypnotic and progressive music»
Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, François Schmoll, November 2010

«The wonderful bass clarinettist J.G. Brönnimann and Brink Man Ship played with outstanding passion in Vilnius and established a close relation with the audience.»

www.kamane.lt, Asta Andrė, oct 2010


«Superlative must be allowed...» (****)
Jazzthetik, Klaus Hübner, June 2009

«Brink Man Ship shows us on the possibilities how contemporary jazz can sound – bloody good!»
Concerto, esox, June 2009

«play it loud, very loud!»
Jazz Thing, Ralph Dombrowski, April 2009

«...music of the 21st century»

Rocktimes, Wolfgang Giese, april 2009

«one of the most creativ musician between electronic and jazz»

sound-and-image, april 2009


«It seems with that "free Jazz" has come full circle and found itself comfortable with many of the internalized rules of pop music.»

Cadence NY Oct-Nov-Dec 2008 Phillip McNaccly

«The group managed to charm the crowd with thier soulful and streetwise setlist. Brink Man Ship definitely pushes jazz out of its comfort zone, crafting their own distinctive sounds out of a blend of electronic elements and world/ethnic music.»

The Nation (full article .jpg), Bangkok, Manta Klangboonkrong, 21. may 2008

«that's how Miles would sound today»

SonntagsZeitung, 9. März 2008



Certainly one of the most interesting Cds.

Jazzpodium, may 06

"The Right Place To Be Lost" is among the most creative CDs that I have heard in a long time.

Gitarre & Bass, june 2006

There are many beautiful moments on this CD demonstrating that Brink Man Ship is moving emphatically and in a convincing way from the fringes to a non-provincial center which they succeed in filling with originality, esprit and a telepathic feeling for right dosage.

Sonic, Ulrich Steinmetzger, may/june 2006

Jan Galega Brönnimann and his quartet Brink Man Ship, together with the guests Nya and Eivind Aarset demonastrate that cheese is not Switzerland's only product. By no means does this music have holes in it but either shuffling lasciviously, sounding displosively or as if taken to pieces…The music moves between danceable physicalness and small intellectual adventures. Brönnimann convinces as high-quality saxophone player while his comrades-in-arms prepare the ground for sound experiments that reverberate deliciously like fondue.

Westzeit, may 2006

The result of these artistic deliberations is a particularly unwieldy style hybrid with musical extensions in very diverse directions….Nya raps correct and scratchy phrases while the quartet stand in the tradition reaching from Massiv Attack and David Murray to contemporary modernity…

Jazz thing, Ralph Dumbrowski, april 2006

The modernity of this fourth album will capture the interest of French bookers

Jazzman, Alex Dutilh, march 2006

The ship navigates on Jazz waters from where sharp electronic icebergs peer. It does not collide, however, but instead keeps pace with these floating giants.

Jazzzeit, bak, march 2006

Everbody who likes Club-Music and Jazz will love this CD, and many others as well. "The right place to be lost" is the right music to trail away a bit. Saxophone player Jan Galega Brönnimann and his band Brink Man Ship play `urban electronic Jazz'. Rhythmic, charismatic, undescribable.

Coopzeitung, 15. march 2006

Composed, elegant, reserving a space of choice to the melody, cultivating the coherence of its evolutions - so well that it is impossible to distinguish between parts of composition and improvised ones - the music of Brink Man Ship is a real treat, and the album The Right Place to Be Lost proves to be extremely enjoyable to listen to, again and again. Without any doubt Jan Galega and his talented accompanists will again be heard of, and probably even for the better…

efantastique.net, Grégory Bouak, march 2006

As urban Club-Music simply for dancing this CD is definitely too unwieldy. And to pass as contemporary Jazz it is clearly too melodious. But let's forget pigeonholing and enjoy instead what Jan Galega Brönnimann and his Bank Brink Man Ship together with the two guests Nya and Eivind Aarset.

Schweizer Illustrierte, Hanspeter Vetsch, 6. february 2006

Brink Man Ship suggests the creative penchant of the music that blends the roots of groove with more recent swing…Jazz that is dipped in hip-hop and jungle, yet still conscious of its instrumental power. The electronic effects evoke the azure and the urban, emptiness and plentitude and also suscribe to a tradition found in Africa and the Caribbean. The electronic elements are sufficiently sophisticated to avoid the impression of gadgets…This band tells stories with sadness and love caressing each other as demonstrated by the beautiful studio opus «The last place to be lost» recorded and released with Unit records.

L'express, Alexandre Caldara, 11. february 2006

A tremendously fascinating and powerful blend of jazz, electrobeat and drum n'bass music…. A kaleidoscope of enchanting sounds, rhythms and inspiration characterizes this outstanding album…extraordinary, intriguing and creative music.

Cd.ch january 2 2006, Egmont Schaufelberger



One of my favorite albums of 2005.

Bieler Tagblatt, december 31 2005, Urs Gilgen

„A Jazz-Highlight“.

Radiomagazin, 17 December 2005, Frank von Niederhäusern

It is not easy to find a cutting-edge band blending jazz and electronic club-music that engages with space and time in such a competent way…

Berner Zeitung, dezember 3 2005, Ulrich Steinmetzger

Together with Niels Petter Mollvaer gitarplayer Eivind Aareset and rapper Nya, Jan Galega Brönnimann is creating a landscape of sound on his album "the right place to be lost".

Der Bund, dezember 1 2005, Christoph Lenz

This is a lovely place to be lost are the lyrics by the rapper Nya in the title song of the new Brink Man Ship album. Christoph Staudenmann agrees to this sentence. „Brink Man Ship is an interesting playground“ says the drummer of the band whose leader is the saxophonist Jan Galega Brönnimann. „It’s a bunch of musicians open to experiments and personally we are in sync".

Bieler Tagblatt, november 25 2005, Tobias Graden

The TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival brings you Brink Man Ship as part of the HMV New Groove Series. Swiss saxophonist Jan Galega leads his band on a journey through a sonic landscape where contemporary jazz meets electronic dance grooves and the boundaries between the composed and the spontaneous are blurred.

club-vibes, june 2005

Jan Galega and his band Brink Man Ship venture into musical spheres between contemporary jazz influences and electronic dance music.

Kulturagenda ensuite, july 28 2005, Zeno Schildknecht



In the last years brink man ship has become a quality mark of modern swiss jazz.

Luzerner Zeitung, november 2004, Pirmin Bossart

With leader Jan Galega on sax, René Reimann on guitar, Emanuel Schnyder on bass and Christoph Staudenmann on drums, Brink Man Ship, billed as part of the Euro Jazz Invasion, opened the festival and proceeded to mesmerise the small gathering with their special brand of jazz, described by enthusiasts as urban electronic. The band has been creating extensive press and public attention in Europe with their current release Elephant and Castle and took the audience on a tour of that castle with a smooth performance that lasted nearly an hour.

Jamayca observer, june 16 2004

Brink Man Ship. 'Elephant & Castle'. Clásico jazz Emarcy
Brink Man Ship es una banda suiza liderada por Jan Galega Brönnimann, saxofonista y compositor. Su música mezcla el jazz de corte más tradicional con elementos contemporáneos de música electrónica, interpretaciones técnicas impecables y un toque de humor malvado. Un sonido fresco, eléctrico e hipnótico, que les ha llevado a tocar en clubes de lo más variopinto, desde locales de jazz a música de vanguardia, escenarios de grandes festivales en toda Europa y clubes de música electrónica...

El Correo Gallego, may 17 2004

La grande idée de ce groupe à la pointe des musiciens de leur génération; ouvrir les pistes d'un futur musical inédit en intégrant au passé ces musiques dites „jeunes“. En perpétuelle recherche phonique, ils marient avec bonheur le jazz à l'univers électronique de la danse music. Pointu et musclé autant que décalé, le passage de brink man ship n'aura laissé personne sur la touche.

Journal du Jura, may 12 2004

Depuis tourjours, le jazz a innové, expérimenté. Dans cet esprit, la musique de Jan Galega Brönnimann et de son groupe Brink man ship ouvre de nouvelles pistes. Au sommet de ce qui se fait de mieux dans cette génération, ces musiciens inventent sous nos yeux la musique du siècle qui s'ouvre, une musique incessamment nouvelle, rafraîchhissante, qui tisse les liens jazz vers le monde électronique de la dance-music.

Journal du Jura, may 7 2004



The band of the saxophone player Jan Brönnimann is on the brink of traditional jazz harmonies and electronic sounds, elastic rhythm and repetitive beat. In an exemplary way their distinctive sound succeeds in amalgamating past and present. Thereby they neither antagonize traditionalists nor insult experimental electronics' aesthetes. That makes the highly topical CD "elephant & castle", released by Universal, worth listening to. Obviously the big label reckons that this delicately tuned electronic Jazz will sell well. The band would definitely deserve it. Their music gives evidence of skill and taste.

Luzerner Zeitung, Apero, march 27 2003, Pirmin Bossart

The quartet enchants with music that can do without electronic showmanship as well as instrumental solipsism and frenetic rhythm escapades. What lasts is a well balanced musical framework consisting of graceful beats, partly electronically generated, partly created by the drummer Christoph Staudenmann, on top of which the string instrumentalists René Reimann (guitar) and Emanuel Schnyder (bass) sprinkle spots of delicate melodies, and Jan Galega Brönnimann completes the picture with his sonorous solo.

Der Bund, march 21 2003, Ane Hebeisen

All of Switzerland talk about rock n' roll from Berne. Though it would be high time to talk about jazz from Berne….As distinct from most trendy electronic jazz CDs this production attracts attention because of its translucent, almost terse sound. It gives evidence that skill still counts. However, this is no longer jazz. But brink man ship has also left disco way behind on their journey to refinement. They have plunged right into the adventure of sound.

Berner Zeitung, march 22 2003, Urs Bruderer

Highlight from Berne in Jazztown Zug….Without explicit reference but having its roots in the 'electric Miles' of the early 1970s, the four young crackpots effectively captivated with their music. Over a highly energetic ground of rhythm and sound generated by e-guitar, bass, drums and electronic samples Brönnimann improvised his lyrical, at times balladic, at times clear-cut saxophone melodies that were most powerful when he played the soprano saxophone. It was crude, wild and playful though at every moment highly sensitive to forms and structure….Front man Brönnimann of brink man ship provided one of the most intense moments at the Viel Jazz festival.

Zuger Zeitung, april 1stl 2003, Geri Krebs

On their tour to promote their newly released CD "elephant & castle" (universal 967 588 - 2), leading them to the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland, Brink Man Ship gave a fine and convincing concert at the Werkstatt on Sunday night. An intelligent language of sound, so eloquent that putting it into words would come close to arrogance. As it has been the case with OM more than 20 years ago, one is tempted to claim with a discreet, though firm undertone that brink man ship might represent the rare opportunity for jazz to transcend its inevitably continuous loop. Still a question today, this could be a pleasant fact tomorrow?

Bündner Tagblatt, march 18 2003, Domenic Buchli

Daring electronic Jazz
Brink Man Ship from Berne return from another musical expedition and present electronic Jazz of great intensity on their new record "Elephant & Castle".

Radio Magazin, april 26 2003, Frank von Niederhäusern



BMS have created an album based on eclectic synthesis of music from 20th. century. As result of this process stands representative music for entering the 21th century. In the begin of this review I was thinking about a label for this album. What about this one: 'album for open-eared people', cause such a people are nowadays quite rare.

zion.sk - alternative cultural e-zine, november 2001, Roland Kánik

Spectacular lights and well-set sound only supported the tout ensemble. Brink Man Ship have confused all of those, who had orthodox vision of acoustic and electronic music. Also their meaning of word "jazz" was very original. Have they played live ? Acoustic or electronic ? Have they played jazz ? Or ambient, jungle, post-rock ? There is only one meaningful answer to this needless questions: they played outstanding...

magazine music.5d.sk, Roland Kánik

Perhaps, after several years, in the jazz world we will hear more about Brink Man Ship, the young men band, who came to Kaunas Jazz Festival....Even now it is possible to evaluate them higher than some real and famous celebrities, who we listened in this festival.

Lietuvos Aidas, april 2001, Lithuania

Friday evening concert was started with the unforgettable balloon fliers Brink Man Ship from Switzerland.

Lietuvos rytas, april 2001, Lithuania

The leader of the group is J. Brönnimann, who is one of the brightest representatives of the young jazz generation.

7 Meno dienos, april 2001, Lithuania

«Power music. The creation of musical effects – which perhaps best describes the works of brink man ship. Whilst it can be stolidly repetitive at moments, it can also be melodiously lyrical and scaringly penetrating and haunting. ...Works of these are a refreshing signal and inspired new musical vistas and horizons!»

Bigo, april 2001, Singapur, Chan Thye Seng

The four instrumentalists manage to navigate the vast ocean of styles with great technical skill and the stupendous assurance of sleepwalkers. They find their way through the various sub-forms ranging from traditional jazz to echoes of trip Hop, Ambient, Drum’n Bass and Rock elements, they avoid the cliffs of soulless eclectic toying, and they manage to bind up the whole in a progressive balance, an enchanting musical sphere. This is a very promising masterpiece from the new generation of Swiss jazz musicians!

Swissagenda, february 2001, Urs Gygax

Brönnimann also impresses by his sense for atmosphere and moods, and he interacts with his excellently balanced quartet in a natural and convincing way, without ever falling into stale routine. His band succeeds in giving the impression of a fully matured, almost ethereal performance.

Jazz, february 2001, Johannes Anders

The four who are died-in-the-wool jazzmen are not afraid of electronics, and use them to spice up their musical statements with reticence and sensitivity, without ever stooping down let alone becoming embarrassing. This requires solid technical skills, a composer’s intelligence, a feeling for contemporary positioning and the will to achieve your own voice and a broad spectrum. The four jazzmen fulfil these requirements and thus contribute in an interesting way to the contemporary music scene.

Dreiland-Zeitung (Beilage Basler Zeitung), february 22 2001, Michele Binswanger

What does the jazz of the new century sound like? This simple question can be answered by listening to the grand new CD "translusion" , just released by the group Brink Man Ship.

Uninet (Basel), februray 2001, Silvano Gerosa

Strong second disk.

Der Bund, 20. january 2001, Georg Modestin

Whole article .html or .rtf (german)

The jazz of the new century!...In order to make it in Switzerland today, you need more than solid technical skills. What is required is originality, a concept of your own and a distinctive individual style. It is exactly these qualities which the Brink Man Ship quartet can boast of.

Oltener Tagblatt, january 30 2001, Silvano Gerosa

The Berne saxophone player Jan Brönniman and his band Brink Man Ship are following a very promising new road, leaving behind traditional formulas and combining the language of jazz with electronic sounds in way that is neither hackneyed nor banal. Their newly released CD "translusion" (Brambus) is a focus for this type of fusion. There are a lot of musicians working on it, but few who strike a cord. Brink Man Ship belongs to the latter.

Neue Luzerner Zeitung/Apero, february 8 2001, Pirmin Bossart



Excellent saxophone player

MLADA FRONTA DNES, Prag, november 21 2000

From this point of view Brönnimann and his boys are the true jazzmen of today... They create exciting contemporary music, which despite its closeness to trip Hop, Jungle, Drum’n Bass, Ambient and such like and despite lending itself well to dancing, never stoops to commercialism.

Oltener Tagblatt, september 26 2000, Silvano Gerosa

That is Broennimann‘ goal: To create a topical type of collective improvisation, in which the solo work on the one hand and the manifold stylistic allusions on the other are fused into a new whole. It does not originate in a clapped-out crossover style, but has been worked through, is authentic and – most important – is caring and with a twinke in the eye.

Radiomagazin, august 18 2000, Frank von Niederhäusern

At the Schaffhausen Jazz Festival spectacular bands like Brink Man Ship or Park showed in a charming and unmistakable way that Jazz is nothing static that can be conserved in a tin.

Schaffhauser Nachrichten, may 22 2000, Philipp Landmark

An original concert to look forward to!

La Liberté, may 17 2000

Together with René Reimann, Christoph Staudenmann and Emanuel Schnyder Brönnismann has recorded an enormously mature and progressive album.

Gladyola, april 16 2000, Dänu Boemle

With his quartet Brink Man Ship, Broennimann is making contemporary music, full of allusions and new electronic Dance Music Worlds, full of humour and vitality. His pieces based on hypnotic ostinati are never commercial or over-familiar, instead they are thrilling, enigmatic and authentic. Broenniman himself has evolved as a saxophone soloist and surely belongs to the rising top class of the new generation of Swiss jazz musicians.

full article .html or .rtf (german)
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, may 22 2000, Nick Liebmann

It is true to say that this group, with their Opus 1 has found its own voice, its own balance ...In fact, the four Swiss succeed in achieving spatial art that is organised as well as open, One cannot distinguish what is planned and what is spontaneous an this surely is an achievement. Their original compositions are intelligent and beautiful, which is not always the same.

full article .html or .rtf (german)

Die Weltwoche, may 19 2000, Peter Rüedi



«It is well evident that a mature voice has come to the fore with the saxophone of Jan Galega Bronnimann. His high notes on Schneller Bruter and News for Ludi are sinuous and serpentine, Goatsoup is outstanding, almost Dolphy-like!»

Bigo, december 1999,Singapur, Chan Thye Seng

Jazz not as a museum show piece: Jan Broennimann and Brink Man Ship enrich their music successfuly with rock and dance floor elements.

Der Bund, december 16 1999, Georg Modestin

A ravishing and individualistic mixture of topical grooves and improvising skill, wrapped into orginal compositions.

Berner Zeitung, december 18 1999, Urs Bruderer

Jazz which takes your breath away

Aargauer Zeitung, december 14 1999

There is a new album well worth listening to from Switzerland. Even if the Swiss musician has been around in the Swiss jazz scene for a few years, the newly released debut album of his band may will mark the beginning of an international career. There is a high musical standard and the dexterity of a top class chef with regard to composiition and arrangement. Hats off!

Concerto 5, october/november 1999 (Austria), esax

Great Swiss Jazz in town.

Giornale del Popolo, Locarno, october 29 1999