Jan Galega

LATEST WEBSITE: https://jangalegabroennimann.ch

Born 1969 in Cameroon/Westafrica
Bass Clarinet, Kontrabass Clarinet, Electronics

Jan Galega Brönnimann works as a freelance musician performer on saxophones and bass- and contrabassclarinet and electronics. He has been on the scene for years and known for his innovative and cutting edge collaborations. As a composer and instrumentalist he has worked with the likes of:
Kenny Werner, Eddy Floyd, Nils Petter Molvaer, Sidsel Endresen, William Bell, Pierre Favre, Aly Keïta, Lucas Niggli, Joy Frempong, Peter Schärli, Werner Hasler, Harald Haerter, Roland PhilippHans Feigenwinter, Round Table Knights, Baze, Nya, 

He is best known as a frontman with his own band, Brink Man Ship. He toured all around the world and played on festivals in Asia, North America, Russia, Africa and Europe.

Achievements and Awards
2009    Anerkennungspreis des Kantons Bern (Kulturpreis)
2008    Artist in Residence in Cape Town South Africa for Pro Helvetia
2004    Winer of the international Composition Competition for Science et Cité
1994    New Jazz Tour with Pierre Favre.





CD Release Tour with Aly Keïta and Lucas Niggli

CD Release Tour with the Kora Player Moussa Cissokho and Omri Hason

CD Release Tour with  A.Spell in Germany and Switzerland


Tour with Aly Keïta and Lucas Niggli

Tour in China with Ang Wen Wei

concerts with the Kora Player Moussa Cissokho

Tour with A.Spell in Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland

CD Recording for Eivind Aarset

CD Recording for Fitzgerald und Rimini


concerts with Aly Keïta and Lucas Niggli

concerts with the Kora Player Issa Kouyaté

Tour wit A.Spell in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Showcase Jazzahead!


CD-release "where the strange creatures live" with A.Spell, tour in switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hafensommer Würzburg, Germany, open for Jon Hassel

Elbjazzfestival Hamburg, Schaffhausen Jazz Festival, Yoyakarta Jazzfestival, Asia tour with brink man ship


Concerts with Sidsel Endresen and Werner Hasler

Tour in Burkina Faso with the Faranas and Baba Salah

Tour in Germany and Poland with brink man ship

Tour with A.Spell in Switzerland, South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland

Jazzfestivals in Eberswalde, Reykjavik, Garana (with Nils Petter Molvaer)


CD-release "instant replay" brink man ship, concerts in Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Czeck Republic, Slovakia
CD-release "who are you" the Faranas

Cut n' Paste Festival Cape Town South Africa

CD-release BNC-Arkestra "Richie's Barnyard feat. Richie Beirach

Concerts with Saadet Türköz, Ronan Skillen, Nadja Stoller


Jazz d'or mit brink man ship feat. Nils Petter Molvaer
Vilnius Jazzfestival in Litauen brink man ship
Sommerfestivals the Faranas

CD recording Baze, Round Table Knights, Benfay


Composition for Jazz-Werkstatt
Cd-release and tour in France, Germany, Austria, poland and Czech republic with brink man ship
Concerts with Eiko/benfay/galega


Artist in residence in capetown Southafrica in november/december

tour in Switzerland, Thailand and Austria with brink man ship and nya

Tour in jamaica with the four tenors


Composition for the danseproject „der Gegenspieler“ by Michael Schulz an the art center Paul Klee

Concert with nils petter molvaer at jazzfestival willisau
Tour with brink man ship in Czech Republic

2006 Concerts with brink man ship in Switzerland, germany, Austria, Poland and Turkey.
Concerts with Nya , the Faranas , die vier Tenöre
2005 Tour with brink man ship in Germany, Canada and Switzerland
Composition for "science et cité" in the festival "conscienza- gewissen - conscience" (May 24, Kornhaus Bern)
Concerts with "Ja, ich will" (music for 2 computers and bass) with Benfay
2004 Tour with prêt-à-porter
Componist at the Dance-Company Running Out
Tour with Brink Man Ship in Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Jamaica, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland
Tour with M2/5 in Cuba
Concerts with igors, blaskapelle plays stravinsky
2003 Cd-releasetour "elephant and castle" (Universal Music) with brink man ship in Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia
Dancing project with Christina Gehrig-Binder and Marisa Godi at Rote Fabrik, Zürich
2002 Componist and Musician at the Dance-Company Running Out
Cd-releasetour with prêt-à-porter
Tour with brink man ship in Finland, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia
Feldkirchfestival with Kenny Werner
2001 Swisstour with brink man ship and tour in the baltic states
Cd-recording (Radio Studio Zürich) with prêt-à-porter
Cd-recording (Radio Studio Zürich) with Igors (music of Igor Stravinsky)
Tour in Austria / Ceska Republik / Slovakia with brink man ship
2000 Cd-recording, tour in Austria / Cesk Republic / Slovakia and live recording (Swiss radio DRS) at jazzfestival Schaffhausen with brink man ship
Cd-recording with Smartship Friday
Concerts in Italy and Switzerland with prêt-à-porter
1999 Concerts Jazz Phalanx, prêt-à-porter, brink man ship
Cd-recording and tour with M2/5
1998 Concerts with Jazz Phalanx (Roland Philipp, Hans Feigenwinter, Michel Poffet, David Elias)
Cd-recording and concerts with brink man ship
1997 2 tours in Italy with Eddy Floyd, William Bell, Ruby Willson, Chick Willis
Member of the TAF-band (Swiss television SF1)
Tour in Switzerland with Dänu Boemle und Herdsmen and Swine
1996 Cd-recording and tour with Herdsmen and Swine
Concerts with the own trio feat. Marco Figini
Cd-recording with Isaac Biaas and the Soul Babimbi
1995 Degree Jazz Scool Lucerne
Cd-recording and tour in Switzerland and Spain with Teddy Fontessa
Tour in Switzerland with Jazz-Hip Hop Band Herdsmen and Swine
1994 New Jazz Tour with Pierre Favre
Swisstour with Love's Labour's Lost
Cd-recording and concerts with Rhonda Dorsey
Concerts in France and Switzerland with Teddy Fontessa